About us

The Designer Chef

Special family occasions have been a big part of my life. Having grown up in a big family, I would often have friends and family at our house on weekends and holidays. During these gatherings, both my mother and I would prepare numerous entrees without recipes. I enjoyed seeing people feeling satisfied when they had a great meal that I had worked so meticulously to look and taste delicious. Those events played a big role in choosing my career and broadening my palette. Thus, after completing a bachelor's degree in Interior Design and a bachelor's degree in Food Services, I knew I was on the right track.

I have worked with top notch designers and chefs at Holt Renfrew as well as top cake designers, where my keen taste and skills have been honed, and the desire to bring both food and arts together have expanded. The enjoyment of making beautiful and delightful cakes, and the satisfaction it brings to my clients continue to aspire me to make more unique concoctions.

Cakes make every occasion more spectacular. It all starts with a wish. Let my expertise create the most exquisite cake that will be remembered for years to come.

Our Team